"As nurses are challenged to explore, lead, and create a strategic vision for growth and sustainability, they must adapt to a modern environment wherein they become comfortable with self-promotion. One way to achieve this state of self-promotion is to create a Professional Development Toolkit" (p. iv).


Based upon our model, the 20 Components of the Professional Development Toolkit, this easy to read guide was written for all nurses, at all levels to provide real time tips, strategies and examples in self-promotion for successful results. Order one today for yourself or for your favorite nurse, or both.


The book is available at Amazon.com or contact us directly.

“After reading the book, I gathered my information and began piecing together my portfolio. It took a couple of tries, but I eventually got it together. Coincidentally during this time, one of my contacts reached out to me about a nursing leadership position. I applied, and was granted an interview. I brought my newly created portfolio to the interviews, along with copies for all of the interviewers. Shortly after the interviews concluded, I was offered and accepted a position as an Administrative Clinical Coordinator. I am confident that I was able to secure the position with the guidance of your book. I wanted to personally thank you for the time and effort it must have taken to write the book. Using your advice, I was able to 'Market' myself appropriately for the next step in my career.”

~ Master's Prepared Nurse Leader


"This book is a phenomenal resource and should be on any nurse-to-be, current practicing nurse or Advanced Practice Nurse's bookshelf! It is clear, succint and easy to follow. I read this book on the first night I purchased it and have used it multiple times since then to help me prepare to interview NP and PA candidates. I truly wish that I had a resource like this when I was in nursing school! Excellent resource!!"

~ Nurse Practitioner Leader


"I sent out my old resume and never heard anything back. When I sent out my new resume I now have several opportunities."

~ Graduate Nurse Practitioner


“I cannot express how thankful I am that a book like this exists. I was on a time crunch and searched the Internet for examples to help write my resume. The problem was that the majority of these examples are not directed towards nurse practitioner positions. I purchased this book and was able to produce a great resume in a very short time thanks to all the tips and examples provided; I loved the sample resume and cover letter. I am also happy to report that I was called shortly after to interview for the position. Thank you again for this wonderful resource!”

~ Nurse Practitioner Student


“I gained the tools and confidence I needed to move my career forward at a time when I did not think it was possible. Your coaching helped me clarify my goals, highlight my strengths and map out a plan for taking the first steps. I feel fulfilled by what I have accomplished and I am now capable of using the same strategies as I look forward to new stages in my nursing career.”

~ Practicing RN

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me prepare for my interview. I wore a suit and black tie and it changed the tone of the whole interview. That was totally your idea and I wanted to thank you for giving me that edge.”

~ Practicing RN

“I sincerely appreciate the insight and feedback regarding not only my resume, but my future career in the nursing profession. It is truly an exciting time to be in a dynamic role that can lend itself to such positive change and advancement in the way that health care is provided.”

~ RN Student

“Using the tips and strategies in the Professional Development Toolkit helped me to prepare, and excel in my leadership role.”

~ Practicing RN